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Propagation in space

Here is some info that you might find interesting. If you propagate seeds or hatch chickens in space the vegetables will be significantly larger and the chickens will be different in a number of ways.

The same applies for conception, development and birth of a human in space they will have different DNA from those born on Earth plus other things will be different.

The reason for all this is really very simple.

The energy grid on the planet is size specific while the one in our solar system is larger and then it steps up in size ratios again as you move outwards.

The easiest way to understand this is imagine a box a small box inside a larger one double the size which is also inside a larger box which is double the size again. Each grid system increases in size and ratio influence as you move outwards.

In the human equation for example the DNA has the ability to adapt and multiply thus producing another DNA strand. It is due to the way the energy of the grid interacts on the human DNA genome system. The same situation applies in a more simpler way to vegetables and chickens etc. The vegetables will be larger and the protein content will be increased due to the way the energy grid of the solar system interacts on the DNA of the strain of vegetable in question.

There is much more on this subject if you wish to know more. contact us here. Please research organizations only!

This information is sourced from the Zarlen information files.


(c) Copyright 1993-2007 J Sherwood