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Time Squared

Time Experience into the Future.

Ever wondered if it is really possible to travel through  time in such a way that you had control of not only where but also when  and it was all through controlled energy that is thought active.

Sound like a Jules Verne novel?

Well it actually happens and Dr Sherwood stumbled on the  technique purely by accident!

It all started on a trip to UK from Houston Texas.

We had left on a flight in April 1998 from Houston to Texas  on a Thursday evening and would be arriving at London Heathrow the following  Friday Morning early around 7am.

What we normally do when travelling is use an ancient technique  which harmonizes the aircraft for a safe flight and to this day we have  not had any problems after catching over 200 flights around the globe  and using some questionable airlines at that!

The exercise demands a certain degree of accuracy when applied  so care must be taken at all times. One of the ground rules is that it  must only be activated once the aircraft is airborne and must be deactivated  before touchdown.

On this occasion the flight went well and towards the end  of the flight a few things occurred which distracted us and made us forget  to deactivate the energy sequence.thus upon landing we still had it active.  We met our friend John at terminal 4 and went with him to his car. It  seemed very quiet for 7am in the morning at Heathrow but we did not think  too much of it at the time.

Our journey was via the notorious M25 south to Maidenhead  and as many already know the roadwork's on the M25 south is nothing short  of annoying but that was the way we expected things to go.

To our surprise there were no roadwork's and the work was  all finished as we traveled along the M25 south at about 8.30am after  clearing customs and collecting our bags.

There were also not many cars on the road and we were aware  of this at the time but we thought nothing of it until we were asked later  on the Sunday how the roadwork's were on the M25 south by someone else.

We still remember the trip which only took about one and  a half hours instead of 3 hours and it still felt like we went North and  yet we all remember passing the Gateway Airport turn off which meant we  were heading the south route.

Upon later examination and study of the energizing technique  we discovered that the process if left active upon landing created a vortex  or window if you like which led to a time in the future which you would  experience as if in real time. This has opened many doors to further questions  and we will be examining the connection with this event and another which  is associated with a specific shape and sized pyramid which we built a  few years ago and where someone had a time trip experience which also  included a teleport event.

That story will be coming soon!

There are other aspects to this experience and that is that  everything associated with it was very clear and still is to this day.  We have had similar experiences in different power sites around the planet  as well as while we were investigating Crop circles in Uk in the 1995/1996  season. But none that were as long and precise as this!


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