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Thought Power

Thoughts are the creation process in all things in your life.

You attract what you think!


Bold words and the answer to many questions as to why so many people struggle.

From birth to death you are influenced by the influences and thoughts expressed by others and unless you become in control of your own thoughts and how they all work success will depend on how you think!

There are many books on the subject and many people who lecture on the process of positive attitude and motivational seminars, but none discuss the power and how it works and why words have that power and what influences shape has in your ability to succeed or whether the shapes around you dampen what you are striving for.

It's a little like being positive in a dark coal mine where you have to stay in the dark and be positive during the entire time even when you are not allowed out.

Your surroundings work against you in many ways and unless you become aware of those situations you are competing against them. Once you are aware of those shaped influences around you then you can override them and reach beyond where you are and what things hold you back.

Words compel matter into form through a process of energy interaction with the forces at work in the environment and the universe as well as the universe within. You get what you ask for all the time.

Each time you reach out with feeling and grasp a hold of that which excites you you feel good. You feel right. Music does this it soothes the soul and helps through a process of harmony to make you feel!

Next time you want to reach out and create positive try music with the thoughts you have, use music that makes you feel good. It takes feeling for the success to happen and then achieve it!

Remember that all people are different and it takes only compassion and love to heal all wounds. We all have to understand that our thoughts create our worst fears and nightmares, so change the thoughts, the words you use as every letter in a word has shape so it also has energy so positive words are the way to a peaceful and successful life!

Treat others as you would have treat yourself and recognize the life within you as well as others and then your thoughts will also change and heal not only you but also the planet as well.

Say I can do this with feeling and it will happen!


(c) Copyright 1993-2007 J Sherwood