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Solar Harmonics is the understanding of the energy that surrounds and influences the sun and all the other solar bodies within a planetary system. The theory that also may explain the binding process of a galaxy and also the beginning of an explanation of how the matter of planetary systems binds itself together.

Firstly however! We must begin by going through some of the basic mechanics of the theory itself.

We already know from the other data analysed that the harmonic cycle rotates through a variety of levels of frequency that cycles every 11 years. This can be seen in the harmonic calendar that we have on record and that yu can see a small portion of in other data on this website. What we also know is that any energy that exists with the influence of these cycles is immediately affected by that cycle.

Harmonics is the understanding of frequency elements which are combined together to form a third frequency which is the result of the combining of the 2 thus the harmonic or result of that combining is born.

A simple example of this process is the combination of H2O. Otherwise known by many as water. And yet it takes a physical mixing of the 2 elements Hydrogen and Oxygen that makes up that third element.

Regardless of the fact that you require 2 parts of one and 1 part of the other, the fact is if we go deeper and look at the frequencies of these 2 elements then we begin to understand why water has the abilty to contain so much hidden energy.

Hydrogen is our starting point with a numerical sequence of 87496755.

Now as Hydrogen is also made up of 2 other elements we need to look at those as well.

So firstly we have orthohydrogen numbers are 6928687496755

and Parahydrogen numbers are: 719187496755.

standard Hydrogen numbers are 87496755

Oxygen numbers are 667755

The numbers are as the ancient priests would have converted the letters into a numerical form. We could argue for ages about the naming of the elements but we know from history that names of different elements strangely are similar to those of ancient times.

We can also look at the atomic weights:

Hydrogen is : 1.00797

Oxygen is 15.9994 However we must also here observe that Oxygen 16 is the most predominant oxygen element available.

Now let's look firstly at orthohydrogen. Harmonic is 6.83333

Parahydrogen Harmonic 5.75

Standard Hydrogen is 4.25

Oxygen harmonic is 3.0

Combine the 2 and we get water harmonic at 1.8333.

Hydrogen is atomic number 1 whereas Oxygen is 8.

Now let's look at Orthohydrogen which has a volume of 3/4 to make up hydrogen compaired with 1/4 for Parahydrogen.

So at 6.8333 volume per 3/4 we see that each 1/4 of Orthohydrogen would be 2.8333.

The volume is the first number 6 not the .8333 which represents the type of frequency which we will explain shortly.

The 6 represents the range so as it has a capacity of 3/4 we must increase it's range from 2 to 6.

As orthohydrogen is the predominant element in standard Hydrogen we must also observe that its harmonic is the same base value as water which is the .8333 range.

We also know that the integer range is a neautralising harmonic so it is fairly compatible with many other elements.

Oxygen for example is of the integer range and as many know Oxygen is broadly found in many places on our planet as well as in the human form.

Here again we note the Parahydrogen is also of the integer range so we begin to see the types of patterns required on a harmonic basis in order for natural elements to bond and create a third element as in this example.

All harmonic elements must be in balance if they are to exist with each other and in the un's case this is so.

Each year we find 2 harmonic scales that are evident as we move through the year. Each scale is a combination of other scales within it but in each case there is balance and conformity with the harmonic blends that make up the 2 sequences which in turn form the scale that makes up both sides of the yearly cycle.

For instance in the year 1997 we find the following:

Side 1:

.91666 sequence

.58333 sequence

integer sequence ranging only on the .25 phase.

Side 2.

.08333 sequence.

.41666 sequence

integer sequence ranging only on the .75 phase.

Side 1 occurs in Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov.

Side 2. occurs in Feb, April, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec.

Please note that the harmonics in Jan, Feb & March repeat in the months of Oct, Nov & Dec.

We know that these values alter from year to year and every 11 years the phase and start again but with a different year phase harmonic.





Each year carries its own unique influnce and this yearly cycle changes once evry few thousand years.

It's the smaller harmonic cycle within this yearly one that changes every 11 years thus the sunspots are affected by the harmonics as they change due to the elements that make up the sun.

We know that 2 frequencies when known have the ability to create artificial gravity and others can cut through solid granite like butter and leave a flat precise cut.

Much can be learned from this process that the ancients understood many thousands of years ago.

That's next time on Solar Harmonics!

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