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Humanity as a Silica based lifeform!

Humanity used to be a Silica based lifeform and there is much evidence to support this. For example in many ancient historic records there is evidence that humanity used to live much longer. Hundreds of years in fact!

The reason is that ack then we were a Silica based lifeform. Something changed and we went backwards to become a Carbon based lifeform.

Here are a few facts for you to chew on!


When you are born and up to the age of about 30 you have considerably more Silica in the body than when you get older, also children have the highest concentration. This is the residue of the earlier desposit that we used to have as it is a part of the genetic sequencing. However as we do not have silica in the food we eat in the proper quantities due to a lack of balanced minerals in our food the amount of Silica that is in the body reduces thus causing a reduction in the production of collagen.

There are many other aspects that also are affected by a reductionof silica input such as a deterioration in the hydration process of cells as well as deterioration in the condition of skin, hair, nails and supporting tissue for bones, cartilage and teeth.


As an example if your intake of silica was correct then the results would be amazing!

Silica is vital for adequate water binding in our cells - no other substance can bind 300 times its own weight of water - and effective hydration guarantees cells receive nutrients efficiently.


Foods typically rich in Silica, like vegetables and oats are today often grown in mineral depleted soils, thus providing insufficient quatities of Silica in our diet to maintain good levels in our bodies.

The problem for many adults is that Silica is also necessary for calcium absorption in the body and is needed to maintain healthy blood vessels.

You can see the effects of inadequate intake of Silica in dry or wrinkled skin, dull lifeless hair and brittle nails.

Our bodies have natural crystal elements which are necessary for our bodies to function properley but Silica is the most important.

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