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The Next Phase

So where does humanity go from here. Does it destroy itself through selfish religious beliefs that limit and ridicule others for their own ideals.

Or do we release ourselves from the burdens of restricted limited controlling religious beliefs and move forward to a brighter understanding of the cosmos and where we as humans fit into the greater picture!

Just about if not all wars began through a conflict of religious beliefs and yet we still deny the truth about what we are doing to ourselves and the way we think.

Our very own religious beliefs will be our own undoing unless we come to terms with the philosophy of learning to live in harmony with our fellow human beings and stop ridiculing others just because they think differently from us.

Hope for the next phase in human evolution will demand a broader understanding of mutual cooperation and resolve as well as an equality as yet unfound in this human society.

 Ok! Sure you give to save lives and help the starving population but the problem is getting worse so are you really doing it all the right way. Some would say yes because it makes them feel better inside themselves but is it really..

If humanity is to expand beyond the present human boundaries that limit us we will never survive the next phase of our evolution. This would involve to great a sacrifice on humanities part to make good the mistakes of the past. After all if you were faced with a choice of starve or share what would you do.. To help is to learn to show and teach how to catch the fish and not just give them fish.



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