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Over the last few years we have seen constant comment on Iran's nuclear operations and their ability to produce nuclear weapons is an issue worth chasing. To date they have a number of systems capable of creating a nuclear bomb and also have aspirations to build more.

Those in power disguise the obvious through misdirection and deceit and a facility north of the main facility that has most of the centrifuges is presently developing those weapons. Obviously nuclear development of any kind should be taken seriously by those that have the ability to any country with ideals like many of the dictators at the head of Iran's government.

I agree that any country has the right to nuclear energy for commercial use in power supply but should still comply with international law and not violate the stringent safety procedures in place to maintain a peaceful earth.

Nuclear power is not a real option due to the nature of the residual remains of the rods for storage or disposal.

So if nuclear material does exist then it will give off a signature frequency that can be monitored from space!

If that were to be done then any trace would be found as well as its location!

That is of course if you have the technology and the correct frequencies.

(c) Copyright 1993-2007 J Sherwood