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Ripple Effect Update1


The effects of an energy ripple of the magnitude from an atomic explosion would be enormous. The problem arises when an explosion takes place under water. The ripple effect expands like a bubble. Outwards 360 Degrees. However the resonance or vibration from the ripple would be sensed first as a low frequency sound wave which travels ahead of the expanding ripple.

This is connected to the Chaos example of mathematics where every fraction of a value must be considered if you are to obtain accurate and reliable information. This same process must be applied to all avenues of research. Subject does not matter. As with the Mururoa Atoll test of 6th September 1995. We will see the results of that explosion for a number of reasons.

Firstly the timing in relation to certain energy harmonics taken from the new research examples shows us that the explosion took place on harmonic 58.00 also connected to the lunar orbit in relation to its magnetic influence. This represents a harmonic frequency range of 58khz. because of the high energy influence at the time the carrier ripple would expand on a higher wave length thus causing high pressure to be created as the bubble expands.

If you like you can run experiments using the two principles of energy and sound or pressure and sound. They interact with each other in such a way that a stress state exists. (pressure increases)

This will be evident at the Ruapehu site as the ripple expands in the lower layers of the earth's central magma layers. The ripple will expand, but it is not so much the expanding ripple we are watching, nor the low frequency vibrations from the preceding resonance from the ripples advance, rather the reflection of the ripple off the earth's core.

We all know that the earth has a solid crystal type core. This has the effect of altering the harmonic ratio of the ripple. Thus we find the intensity of the ripples effects increasing. How does this take place? Well! Let's look at how we would alter the frequency of a normal khz level. There are many examples in nature. Pressure releasing from a small hole has a higher sound than one with a larger hole. The greater the pressure in both cases the higher the pitch becomes. The laser which uses a crystal type formation to enhance the light property uses the same principle. Much like a magnifying glass increases light as it passes through it the crystal properties of the core act like a resonance chamber thus affecting the ripples reaction to matter it comes into contact with due to the density of matter surrounding the central core itself.



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