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Ever wondered what makes  up a 3 dimensional space? Like our own world and the universe in which  we live.

Frequencies! But frequencies  that are way different from what we understand as frequency and in order  to understand what they are and how they work we firstly need to understand  how and why we call them Harmonic frequencies.

In many cases people would  ague the point that a mathematical equation or number cannot and is  not a frequency etc etc etc.

They would be wrong because  whether you speak or think of any number or syllabil you are creating  a frequency of a type which belongs to one of the 3 types that make  up our 3 dimensional existence.

How do you identify it?

Simply by firstly using  a mathematical equation that assists us to identify and label them into  3 mathematical types.

But before we go into that  let us explain a little more on what Harmoncs are!

An Harmonic is a frequency  of energy that has a perpetual constant pulse that never diminishes  in strength as its resonance is such that it is formed by 2 other energy  elements that exist within it. Each one interacting with the other to  produce the 3rd which is the resulting Harmonic pulse. If you were able  to hear it it would sound like an octave of sound but with a pulsating  rythm all of its own. The rythm of course is caused by the 2 energy  elements working in unison with each other.

Our suns 11 year sunspot  cycle is affected by this harmonic pulse and can be accurately tracked  by using the equation which assist us to identify the type of energy  that affects its behavious(Solar flares). These flares are created through  the interaction of the harmonic that directly influences the resonant  balance of the suns atomic balance thus causing eruptions on the suns  surface and so the eruptions will peek every 11 years as this harmonic  cycle rotates.

A simple example of this  can be shown by looking at the following equation.

1988\12= 165.66666...........1989\12=165.75..........1990\12=165.83333............1991\12=165.91666666..........1992\12=166.00

The above example shows  us the phase that occurs when the sun peeks in relation to sunspot activity.  Like in 1988/1989.

This same phase occurs again  in 2000/2001. as can be seen below. We are looking for the same energy  phase cycle that occurred around 1988/1989.


So again like before we  have the same cycle occurring but with a different lead Harmonic value.  165 in the first and 166 in the second.

The other aspect to bear  in mind is that the .916666 seen above represents a doorway closing  as another cycle begins which is represented by the .416666.

The .416666 occurs early  in the cycle which is not shown here.

These figures are not done  at random they form a very unique pattern one that ancient cultures  in Egypt knew about many thousands of years ago!

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