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The Rajon web site was one of the first web sites on the internet and many people learned how things were done here.

Now we are keeping pace with both design and style as well as search engine protocols so if you need web design or hosting and you are looking for someone who knows what it takes to get your web site out there then you found it. We have seen many web sites come and go and all fail in many ways but mainly due to lack of knowledge of the specifics for a successful site. Design is not everything though presentation always helps, it is the little things that cannot be seen that makes a web site successful. Security is always an issue on the web and so we keep pace with this aspect as well by working with security systems that we know work.

We also have a subscriptions service for web sites and much more and as a testimony to our success we have over the years been awarded with many awards by both the general public and others.

To date millions of people have visited this one web site alone and we have three that we keep active so if you want to be seen out there then just prowl through this web site if you like what you see then drop us a line and we shall design a web site presence suitable to what you are doing be it any topic there is always a design to suit.

We can design using any number of design systems from Dreamweaver to Flash to Netobjects to even basic standard html code. That's how we started with just bare htm coding and went from there back in 1993 there was no fancy design programs just code.

So let us know if we can help you and our rates are dependent on the work required.

If you wish to know more about Dr Jonathan Sherwood then best to look at who we are for more.


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