Secrets of the World

Princess Dianas Death.

Apart from the usual this event has been one of suspicion for some time.

However Zarlen has informed us of the following and due to his past track record we have no rason to doubt what we are about to report.

Firstly her death was not an accident just made to look like one.

MI6 was instructed to create the accident due to her involvement with Dodi Fihad's son.

This led to concern as to the possibility that they would have to open the door to allowing the parents etc to become British citizens. Plus the Palace was concerned by the relationship as well.

This was not a simply problem for them and as Charles was more inclined towards Camilla this once the princess was out of the way would allow Charles the chance to wed Camilla.

However as this situation became more complex it was decided that the simplest solution was that they eliminate both of them in a car accident.

Many drugs make it look like a person is drunk while in charge of a car and yet they did not drink a drop!!



Osama Bin Laden

Trained by the CIA thus knows the american system very well. This is one of intrigue as the CIA's main objective is ti instill fear into the local population thus giving control to them for any number of reasons.

Sept 11 was another example of the CIA's involvement as they occupied both of the 21st levels of both towers.

Reports of explosions were received by authorities just prior to the planes collision with the tower they were reported to have occurred on the 21st levels. 2 calls were made one from each tower involving explosions on the same level of the 2 towers.

In order for George Bush to obtain power they had to manipulate the election results to suit their needs.



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