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The rajon web site covers a variety of topics and has so far run by itself and supplied many years of service and supplied volumes of data over the years to schools and the general public in general. Schools have used the site for projects on a variety of issues and have always kept it as user friendly as possible. However we do now need donations from the general public etc to assist us to continue the work we do. We accept anything from 1 upwards through the payment system below and all funds will be used strictly to assist us to develop specific projects further now we have all the material we need to step into the next phase.

You can increase the 1 donation below simply by selecting button to amount you wish to donate. Thank you.


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Some things to think about.

We can instigate change but if you are a skeptic to whom we have no time whatsoever then you are in a minority that supposes nothing will happen in the future for humanity and that healing and other alternative modalities do not work. Well I say to you, you are the ones who will step of the cliff still not believing. Don't take us wrong all life is sacred, we have just found trying to talk to skeptics is die near impossible.

Humanities future demands an open mind. Over the years we have carried the cost and many have already benefited from what we do but we need to do more so we ask for donations so we can do more to ease the coming change.

We research some amazing techniques that all work and have evidence and case histories that prove it.


Highly advanced healing techniques

High energy exercises that harmonize the environment. (The Ka-lei principle)

Vortex principles that can create incredible changes and more.

To alternative energy sources that defy imagination

And can develop technologies that create clean energy and reduce pollution on a massive scale.

Let's just say folks that know us and have experienced what we do also know what we can do!

So the choice is now yours as too what you believe. There will be those out there that say its all rubbish but what do they know, they have not experienced what we do so how can they say it is rubbish. Skeptics again and they are the ones who will cause more harm than good and resist change.

We are here to create change and form a new positive direction for humanity.

We will endeavor to continue to do what we do against any and all adversity even with rising food, oil and other prices we carry the burden of the cost and it is getting harder as we all are aware. But we must forge on if we are to help ride out the coming storm.

If you wish to donate more or have scientific facilities we can now use to direct and create development for the subjects listed above please email us here. Otherwise we shall have to build the equipment and buy from cash flow we have which is not great and time is running out for us all.

Still doubtful then read the rajon.com and cropcirclexplorer.com web sites for more details on some of what we are doing. We are realists and do not concentrate on images of illusion. We deal in ancient knowledge and facts as we discover then and in some cases this has taken journeys all over the planet to collect the data from a variety of locations.

Dr Sherwood and his wife have spent all there lives helping people and working to ease a variety of ailments and world changes and never asked for donations in the past but now we need outside assistance as well.


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