Over the years there have been many changes in climatic conditions worldwide with in some cases devastating results. If we are to survive then we must start to observe and accept what is taking place and as one group with all nations work together in cooperation to make changes no matter how radical those changes may be. To wait is to ignore the future.


In this section we will bring you reports from reliable resources regarding what is happening and what certain groups or countries are doing about creating changes for the future. If you know of something that is happening then let us know by e-mail please!


Now we have new reports on the Greenland ice sheet. If it keeps melting at the current rate which is far great then previously expected it will add 6 meters to the worlds oceans and that's without the melt going on in Antarctica as well.


9th October 2007.

For years we have been saying that both ice conditions as well as the global warming effect would exponentially increase due to numerous factors and that we only have a few years not decades before this becomes very unstable well now it appears things are starting to hot up.

Here is a BBC news report we have listed on our web site just incase it disappears through government coverup. Bld_ck

Each year it gets worse because many governments do not do enough o stop global warming.

Profit and economic views aside the survival of humanity I would have thought was far more important. After all what happens to the economy when climates change to the point of creating an unbalanced climate...

Let's think about the future and realize that if you have an unsettled planet that is fast becoming unstable then so too will the economic states or all world governments. Millions will die because they failed to act enough!


Now even NASA is on the global warning road with new reports on the Greenland ice sheet. Best check out the right menu bar for more in the warning section with live feed to a BBC report and NASA.


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