Alter Vortex-Energy
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Alter energy is the understanding of the dynamic principles of Vortex Technology to the point of developing any of the following:

Unlimited Clean Power supply.

Body bio mechanics.

Body analysis and Diagnostic systems and Tools.

These are just a few examples we hope you get the picture.

Many of the technologies of ancient times tapped into these sources and we have researched these areas and found ways to incorporate them into modern day civilization.

To this end we have included some of the basic principles for you to view so that you can obtain an idea of how these processes can be applied but I am sure that the titles we have given them speak for themselves.

The scientific principles associated with these processes is not normal main stream science but rather an offshoot of it and the end results speak for themselves.

If there is a technology company interested in developing this technology please drop us an email. As there are different areas of expertise we would be happy to receive interest from a variety of sources interested in going further with the development of this new technology.

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