Fact or Fiction

This is a new section on the Rajon web site covering situations and events globally that we think folks should be made aware of. What the truth is and why things happen the way they do. What is the cause etc.

Just choose the topic as you wish and go from there.

We receive information from all over the globe from a variety of sources. The information is referenced and checked and then filtered to find the truths.

You decide on the facts as you interpret them. All comes down to what you want or can believe.

We also have to say that we do not support the Bush administration in any way and would move mountains to get rid of them for the good of the planet and all who live here!


update 3rd November 2004.

Well it looks like the American population have failed to see the problem but then they are all living in the box after all and cannot see the forest for the trees.

Bush will just get more egotistical and the population in USA will suffer for what they have now done by their own hand. The rest of the world will not sit by and watch Bush create chaos, .I find it truly amazing that most Americans allowed themselves to get caught up in Bushes arrogant ideals. But then there you are.

Bin Laden is obviously laughing his head off right now knowing he can run circles around this dude. And there will be lots more American soldiers who will die before this is all over and you can bet that Bush will try to drag other countries into his little war.

Which will end up being not so little.

We could have created change but it would have meant manipulating free will something Bush seems to not have any problem with.

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