Vortex report


What you ask is a Vortex Activation.

Well let us explain what has been happening  over the last 12 years since 1986.

Dr Sherwood started the first Vortex program by initiating a vortex  in Brisbane in late January 1986.

These vortex programs are an advanced but very ancient process  by which you can influence both the environment and the general  population to follow a specified positive path. In Brisbanes case  the end of a dictatorial rule in politics that had lasted over 30  years. Here the program specified was to activate a cycle whereby  any corrupt political situations that existed would come to the  surface and thus eliminate the problem. So an investigation was  required.

In the beginning of February the Fiztgerald Inquiry was annnounced  to investigate the corruption in the political arena.

The vortex was also designed to infiltrate any way possible to  make the then prime minister resign. This would instigate positive  change and that is exactly what happened.

Read the reports on the political changes in Queensland from 1986  through to the end of 1987.

Vortex programs have been initiated in numerous parts of the world  and changes have occurred in a positive manner in all of them to  date.

Here are some of them.

Britain >early 1994. and another in 1996.

USA> La-1991, San Francisco - 1991, Seattle 1992, New York 1992,  Washington D.C. Early 1997. Houston double helix late 1997.



Australia>Brisbane 1986, Sydney 1990, Melbourne 1990.

Paris>early 1997.

New Zealand 1998. An event to come!!!! Ok! On the 15th of June  1998 an atmospherical vortex was put in place using the Auckland  sky tower as a marker the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere..  This vortex is designed to alter the weather and physical consciousness  of the people to a higher and better understanding as well as to  instigate change for the better. (Note: After  15 years of Conservative government the country needed a change  and it happened at the next elections in November 1999 with Labour  having a major election win!)

The weather side of the vortex program is designed so that the  weather can return to its normal cycle after it adjusts itself.  This is done through the natural cycle of the earth as it changes  vorticular patterns connected to the harmonic energy forces of the  planet. This in other words gives mother nature the chance to readjust  herself back to what it should be.

There are many instances of this process being done in other parts  of the world and only Dr Sherwood knows the way to activate this  ancient program.

Later Dr Sherwood has plans to meet with maori elders to remove  the ancient Tapu from the Taupo lake in the North Island of New  Zealand as he was requested to do with the elders back in the early  nineties.

These are not necessarily in order of activation. Also some exact  dates are not mentioned for specific reasons..

For instance the ones in the USA are only now starting to have  an effect as of 23/5/98.


Here is how good they are.

In Hyde Park we placed a vortex that had a specified purpose to  assist in the ceasefire between Britain and Ireland. The vortex  program was placed in 1994. Within 24 hours the ceasefire was announced.  The program allowed for a specific response to occur within 12 months.  If the then British government did not work towards a resonable  agreement for a permanent ceasefire then the vortex would disengage  and go dormant until the British government made a move to agree  on a ceasefire as that was the problem at the time.

As the British government did not move in a positive way the program  disengaged and the ceasefire was broken 24 hours later. We initiated  another vortex program in the summer of 1996 to work on the process  of changing the then government to a more positive one that would  instigate change. Where this vortex was placed is still a secret  but it worked as we all know.

The new government began work on another ceasefire and the Hyde  Park Vortex self initiated and began to work in unison and harmony  with the new government. We all now know the results.

In early 1986 a film crew came to film Dr Sherwood in one of his  trance sessions and was asked if he could prove the fact that what  could be done could be done on film. The answer was yes and they  gathered footage of one of the most remarkable events to take place.  Dr Sherwood was asked to stop the rain from falling in Alice Springs  in the center of Australia. He agreed and a time was taken for when  the response was stated that the task had been done. Not only that.  When the film crew checked up with the Alice Springs weather station  they also had stated that a category 5 thunder storm had just vanished  off the doppler radar within one sweep of it. The storm reappeared  over Brisbane within a matter of seconds.

The film has since dissappeared along with most of the crew. (update  28/11/99: We do however now have an audio recording of the event  as it happened now in our possession. This was provided to us by  one of the participants at the time!)

Witnesses and their statements however are still available for  all of the statements stated above. All the vortex placements have  witnesses associated with them along with what they were programmed  to do.

To date some 24 vortex points are under a program to assist with  growth and positive change. Over the last 12 years Dr Sherwood has  worked in the background and now he has stated that it is time to  link them all together and to do this task he is relocating himself  to a position on the earth that will initiate a complete change  for humanity as we enter into the next millenium. Main base will  be in UK!

Vortex programs can also be used to clean up the pollution in both  the ocean and the atmosphere and he has been working in that field  as well. However due to limited funding which comes totally from  work that Dr Sherwood does such as healing appointments and such  goes into funding these programs. Funds thus are limited! More funds  would obviously create more availablity for Dr Sherwood to do his  work.

All of the above is the true essence of Dr Sherwood's work and  there is literally volumes of evidence to support all the claims  mentioned both here in this page and also elsewhere on the Rajon  website.

Dr Sherwood's work continues as he endeavours to assist the human  race to better understand and maybe buy it enough time to correct  the errors of the past. His work continues....

If you are not sure check the facts for yourself and see what has  happened since the vortex programs have been activated.

Dates times and events as they occur will  be given.

Part two!! How the theory works!! Now available by clicking the  section in the margin at the top left of this page!

Update: Bournemouth vortex enhanced by 300% on Sunday 24th March  2002. 


(c) Copyright 1993-2008 J Sherwood

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