Vortex Theory


In order to understand the principles of vortex energy and the programming side of it you must firstly enter into the realm of multi-dimensions.

In order to correct any state in any dimension you must link into the one above it so that the corrections can be made. The reasoning for this is that in real time as with all things the existence of any elements of matter are constantly in flux and so therefore if we look at the 4th dimension as an example we would be looking into our future which has already corrected the problem as it exists at the same moment as we do in a parallel state. Much like 2 lanes on a highway that run in the same direction side by side and all you need to do is change lanes. The trick is knowing how to do it in such a way that only the conditions are transferred and not the events of the time.

What we mean by this is that if you just want to take the conditions of the atmosphere and alter them in 3d then you would need to know the harmonic equation for the atmospheric conditions in 4d and thus create a transfer of those conditions to the 3d state.

In other words only the tyres of the vehicle on the highway are running in the right lane while the rest of the car is still in the left lane. Only part of the whole is used to repair the problem in 3d.

It never ceases to amaze me that the scientists and others seem to thing that because human life has a so called beginning and an end that everything else should be the same i.e. The universes existence as an example. It is a practical impossibility for them to even hazard a thought that just maybe the universe has a perpetual existence created by the vortex links that already exist naturally between the 3d state and others. This being the case we can look at the universe as a perpetual circle which can be viewed from different perspectives (dimensions) thus if we travelled out in a straight line and kept travelling across the universe and did not deviate from our straight path we would have to pass everything that existed in the 3d universe before we would return to the point of origin thus the perpetual circle aspect of the universe becomes apparent.

If we stop to look at our local area we only see the limits of our vision relative to our abilities (remember that many thought that the world was flat before someone proved otherwise by doing a circular journey!)however if we extend our view and attempt to view the whole 3d circle we would see a mass of galaxies and stars as we are now beginning to perceive the universe as a whole. We would no longer be trying to view the edge of the universal circle but we would be viewing the whole volume of what makes up the inner sections of the circle. In other words let's not look at the universe as a flat earth but rather as a circular one! Then and only then will the reality be seen!

Watch out for part 2 coming soon!

(c) Copyright 1993-2008 J Sherwood

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