The influence of the Glastonbury vortex was extended on the 26th March 2001 to take in the Devon area to see the effect on the foot and mouth crisis. We think the ancient process using an advanced Ka-Lei principle will eradicate the virus but as it is so prevalent it may take around 48-60 hours to get under cotrol. At present we do not now if it will work but it is worth a try! The shaded area is the area of influence. Please note the energy effect harmonic weakens as it expands to its max places like Torington & Paignton would be at the weakest point.The ideal system would be an artificial grid like the one over the pewsey wiltshire area which had foot & mouth but since its placement the area has not seen any more. If we were to do the other areas with the same type of system we would need help to do it as the area needed to be covered is exstensive. A helicopter would be ideal. Military or otherwise! If ya have a friend it would help!!

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