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New York - Strange Neon Light UFO

STATEN ISLAND --The witness has been going to visit a relative's house for BBQ nearly every weekend and had seen three sightings on three different days. The witness states, '"The latest occurred on July 17, 2004, at 5 PM, when we saw a sphere shaped craft hovering over my house at nearly 2500 feet." It did not move at all, and twice it was not visible and reappeared in the same original location. It was equipped with a self luminous white light like neon a fluorescent white. I did have my camcorder with me, but was hesitant on filming at first because it is very difficult to find small distant objects in the view finder and LCD. When I first pointed the camcorder into the sky and hit record I did not realize that the craft was in the bottom left corner of the viewfinder so I tried to zoom in thinking I did not yet find it. The other sightings were black spheres. The other sightings were also with my sister, and I again pointed out to look in the sky over the backyard which she did and saw what she described as "birds" possibly out of denial.

New Jersey - Disc

EDGE WATER – The witness was riding in a car with my friend along Water Street and reports seeing a curved UFO on July 17, 2004, when he noticed four lights that consistently lighted in the sky. Basically, it's a little curved circle with four lights, while two lights are on each curved side. These four lights attracted me, because they constantly had a little vibration, which is very impossible for a aircraft or a bug. And the light vibration with those four light fly in a curved shape from left to right.

BOUND BROOK -- The two objects flew from the right to the left, stopped for about ten seconds and then flew slowly on July 17, 2004, at 12:30 PM. The witness was out looking at the stars through a pair of binoculars, and saw a satellite, and then two white Disc shaped UFOs went across the sky about half way and stopped for about ten seconds and then left. He states, "There was a screech that sounded really weird and the two crafts were too slow for it to be a comet, asteroid or a plane." It was about 12:30 in the morning when it had occurred in a clear sky.

Georgia – Tom Sheets Retires

John C. Thompson and I wish to commend former Police Chief Tom Sheets who is retiring as as an outstanding Georgia MUFON Director. John C. Thompson writes, from my perspective of a once active UFO investigator, "Chief" Tom Sheets, with his departure, leaves mighty large shoes to fill. His leadership as state director for MUFON in Georgia was remarkable, attentive to detail, and always steady. During his long tenure he turned what before had only been amateur UFO investigator training into a professional, no-nonsense, standardized, doctrine of intense examination. His expertise in investigating came about from an exemplary, quarter-of-a-century, career in Georgia law-enforcement. Chief freely provided valuable hands-on experience in investigative techniques--that many private security and investigating firms would have eagerly paid for--to MUFON. Despite having investigated many UFO cases before having the honor of meeting Chief, I was immediately impressed with the quality of his first case submitted to MUFON. The thoroughness of his work provided many ideas which aided my own later investigations. He was clearly a man that ufology badly needed. MUFON looses its finest state director with his leave. For active or future investigators take what he has taught and shared with you and remember it well. I can assure you that MUFON will never have another "Tom Sheets." I wish Chief well in all his future endeavors. I know whatever he does, he will excel. I also extend my best to long-time friend Mark Ausmus, who has spent nearly three decades in ufology, in his new leadership of MUFON of Georgia.

Ohio - Circle

PORTSMOUTH -- It started with one white circular object that came out of almost nowhere and dropped above a tree on July 17, 2004, at 10:45 PM. The object(s) moved effortlessly and one came very close to the ground, hovered and emitted beams. The others just seem to float by. The tree is probably 30 feet high and the craft hovered about 20 feet above that. It sent down four beams of light to the street and just stayed there. The witness states, "My girlfriend and I noticed darker squares or rectangles towards the middle of the circle, and after hovering with no noise for about 20 seconds it lifted slowly then bolted out of sight.

A triangular shape also came into focus that was a pulsing red color. When it got closer it turned bright white. We saw about 15 of these that came from the southeast. Five of the craft seem to flow back and forth, and change altitudes the other ten just flew straight. They were red at first and proceeded to change to white. I tried to put it off as a helicopter but it just didn't seem right. All the triangles were changing from red to white. There were also small dark squares or rectangles. We called the local police and guess what the craft stopped coming, so the police thought we were crazy.

LEWISBURG – Also on July 17, 2004, three friends were traveling west on I-70 not far from Dayton at 3 AM, when they spotted an illuminated triangular shaped object about a mile high.

FOSTORIA – George Ritter video taped two UFOs over a near by farm the same day. Many of the UFOs appear to fly east or west across Ohio and land near Fostoria. There are vast underground caverns in the area that could be used by the UFOs.


Thanks to George Ritter

Tennessee – Disc

PARIS – The witness was sitting on a curb, and saw an object sailing by at a pretty fast speed on July 14, 2004, at 9:43 PM. He reports seeing one disc shaped object in bright daylight that was moving at a fast pace and it was silver and reflecting light. I am familiar with weather balloons and this was not one. It was lower than an aircraft, low enough where I could see the light reflecting and determine shape and color quite easily.

Iowa - Disappearing Lights

SIOUX CITY – On July 25, 2004, At first it was on solid bright light, coming from the north, traveling pretty fast. It was a solid light until it got above us, and then it stopped and was flashing, or it moved away. This was really high up. Then we saw about 6 more lights, one of them looked like a cop car in space, circling the sky. All of the others ended up disappearing also, but not as dramatically as the first one.

Nebraska – Fast Moving Light

CHADRON - - The witnesses saw a small light almost straight above them that was solid white or white/yellow in color on July 24, 2004 at 10 PM. It started out very bright and slowly dimmed as it traveled from west to east. It lasted only a few seconds, but seemed to be traveling too fast to be a plane. There were two commercial aircraft in the area and both were traveling northeast to southwest. The light moved quickly from west to east and slowly dimmed then disappeared.

Texas – Orbs and Rectangular UFO

DALLAS -- On July 19, 2004, I took about a dozen pictures of different areas of the sky about 8:15 PM, but there was nothing in any of them, except for one. I'm sending it to you. I took this yesterday, 07-19-04, about 8:15 p.m. or so. Be for sure, I will be doing this some more.

Picture can be viewed at: http://www.hbccufo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1615

FORT WORTH TO DALLAS -- As I was driving eastbound, from, almost directly in front of me, I saw just for maybe two seconds, a white, possibly round object, disappear into a cloud on July 25, 2004. There are a lot of military aircraft in the area, so it seems like I'm always looking up. I watched the cloud, nothing came out.? Bear in mind, I was driving, probably about 30 mph, so I had to keep one eye on the road. Usually military, and some commercial aircraft, I would have heard, but I heard nothing. I pulled over. I watched the cloud for ten minutes. Nothing came out. I wear glasses, so I'm not above saying I could have been mistaken. It just seemed so clear. The sky was clear with white clouds on a blue sky. What I call a Simpson sky. I don't have the ability to judge the distance of a cloud, but if I had to guess I would guess ten miles away. I just came directly in and entered "UFO" on my computer to see if maybe someone else saw it.

HOUSTON – The witnesses state, "We were driving east down memorial drive at 6:30 PM, between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford when my daughter and I saw a huge object in the sky on July 25, 2004." It had to have been larger then a football field. It was white on top and light gray on the bottom. It was rectangular shaped but the top was kind of rounded. Not like anything I have ever seen before. It was pretty far away but it was huge. Probably 5 times bigger then any plane I have seen in the sky. It was also completely motionless. We turned back around to look again because some trees got in the way but it was gone.

Arizona – Numerous Orbs

PHOENIX – The witness reports, "I have noticed for the last month or so that around 1 PM, I have been seeing the same orbs at or around the same exact area in downtown Phoenix on Saturdays. Well July 24, 2004, today was no exception...It is a clear day today and the winds are coming in at a constant 10-15mph from the south. I went to the roof of my parking garage six floors up and spotted a white orb that was heading northeast about 10 mph at 1,500 feet high. I called a friend and described to him what I saw when out of nowhere the object came back and headed in my direction. I video-taped this and noticed it was going southwest against the wind and descending at a slow rate. I saw two strings of orbs float down near the other object. There were eight to ten objects in each bunch. They were multicolored with reds, white, orange, blue and there was a distortion around the objects like they were under water in the sky. At first it was really hard to focus then I finally got in on them and they were changing shapes and colors and barely moving, kind of meandering in the general area. They were starting to go through a thin haze and I couldn't focus in on them anymore. The sighting started about 1:15 and I couldn't see them anymore by 1:50 AM. These are the weirdest objects I have ever seen. They were side by side the whole time as if shadowing each other. To view the clips: http://www.hbccufo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1625

California – UFO Videos

LOS ANGELES -- It was around 11 PM, on July 23, 2004, and there was a red and white blinking light in the sky that flew from one place to another at the blink of an eye. It was circling around the night sky until it flew higher and vanished. It was very small and very high up and continued to circle around and around very slowly. I kept on looking at it until it just went higher and higher into the sky until I could no longer see it.

SAN BERNARDINO – The witnesses report seeing these objects several times in the last two years. On July 25, 2004, the witness reports seeing strange lights in the sky while driving east at 12:15 AM. He states, "I saw one of them, they fly about 1000 feet up and glow orange or red, they just appear out of nowhere for about two minutes and just float there, and then disappear. There are some strange things going on here.

AUBURN -- On August 6, 2004, at 6:55 PM, p.m. local time I witnessed three orbs of light coming out of the setting sun. I was going for my evening walk in Auburn, CA when, I saw the first of the three orbs coming out of the setting sun. I quickly got out my binoculars which I carry with me and was able to track and view the last of the three orbs. It was translucent yet very white and bright. It was constantly changing shape, going from circular to a dodecahedron shape with star or pointed like protrusions coming out of the circumference and then back to circular. All three orbs passed over me at great speed. They looked like about 15,000 feet in altitude and after passing over me they disappeared. One made a 90 degree turn to it's left in an instant then traveled for approximately an inch at my arm's length and disappeared rapidly.)

SONORA -- A new sighting of a flying triangle was videotaped on August 8,2004! This object was videotaped on separate Sony Camcorders, one on Hi-8 using a tripod, the other on a hand-held Digital. (The digital video clip will be added to the later today.) Video clips of the object have been posted at: http://www.sonorasightings.com on the "JULY & AUGUST CLIPS" page.

Washington - Triangles and Helicopters

TROUT LAKE -- James Gilliland reports, "We have had almost a week of constant activity with as many as 13 eye witnesses at a time." Several ships came in very low and expanded into a brilliant light. Some side slipped back and forth changing speeds exhibiting behavior unlike any conventional craft. There was a triangle on August 6th around 10:30 PM which swooped down banked and turned upward like a ghost ship. It was a bit larger than my hand. Two out of thirteen saw it. It happened very quickly. On August 8th at 9:50 PM, a ship came in low from the southeast. It bust into a brilliant golden light dimming to orange then white. It continued northwest and repeated the signal yet this time it was brilliant white like a welding ark. Three witnesses were present. The skies are getting busier. www.eceti.org

Photo taken on April 29, 2003, of similar objects.

Thanks to James Gilliland

Canada -- Record Number Of UFO Sightings

OTTAWA — Jim Bronskill in the Canadian Press reports, "From a translucent, saucer-shaped object in British Columbia to mysterious lights buzzing motorists in New Brunswick, Canadians are on their way to reporting a record number of UFO sightings this year. More than 400 stories of curious encounters were filed through the end of July, compared with just over 300 by this time last year, says Ufology Research of Manitoba, a group that tracks reports of unidentified flying objects.

At this rate, the total for 2004 will surpass the current record of 673 sightings reported last year, said Chris Rutkowski, research co-coordinator for the Winnipeg-based organization. The group receives reports directly by telephone and e-mail from sister agencies that follow the phenomenon, and via federal departments such as transport and national defense.

Rutkowski says, "I think there is a resurgence of interest in space," he said yesterday. Dazzling mid-air maneuvers were a feature of some of the more dramatic otherworldly episodes.

At a military base in
Beaverbank, N.S., on April 23, three people spotted several lights in the east, including a slow-moving red one bobbing up and down. Suddenly, a second red light swooped in, prompting the first one to climb upwards and fly over it.

The Prairies seem to be a hotbed of unexplained activity. In Alberta, 61 sightings occurred up to the end of July, compared with 76 in all of last year. There were 50 in Manitoba, already double the total for 2003, while 19 reports emerged from Saskatchewan, topping last year's 13. In a widely reported incident, the pilot of Prime Minister Paul Martin's plane reported seeing a "very bright light" falling through the air, with smoke trailing, while the aircraft passed over Suffield, Alta., on March 21.

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN -- The craft hovered in the eastern skies, not too far from Regina Airport (YQR ); on July 25, 2004. It seemed to align itself with the approaches to the airport and a bright light would come on just like on night landings at the airport. Then two big lights in an horizontal fashion came on. Then the format changed with four or more lights to look like the crescent moon. The craft spent about twenty minutes in my view and then curved an exit to the southeast. I have two digital images on my Olympus camera. Thanks to Brian Vike www.hbccufo.com

Germany - Oval

KASSEL – On German Highway 44 the witness reports seeing a s star flying towards Earth on July 18, 2004. After two or three seconds it was moving into our atmosphere and became a big oval object at quarter to midnight. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director www.UFOCenter.com


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