Foo fighters

Were World War II Foo Fighters Real Or Not?

Columnist Fred Alexander in The Franklin Press writes, " Foo Fighters was the name given to unexplained balls of glowing light seen by U.S., British, and German pilots late in World War Two in the skies over Europe. The Objects where also seen in the Pacific by U.S. and Japanese soldiers Wally Hoffman recalled, but "The mission to Schweinfurt was historically tough with huge loss of planes and men, but somebody positively was out there trying to help us. Soon after we had dropped are bombs on Schweinfurt we began a shallow right turn away and from the target and the black wall of flak to reform in a tight diamond combat formation. As I looked to the east I could see several groups advancing to the initial point to begin their bomb run. I then observed one of the most baffling incidents of my life. There I observed an enigma, which to this day still defies a suitable explanation.

" I saw that the Bombers of the 384th Bomb Group under a concentrated fighter attacks had turned on the initial point and began their bomb run to the target. The persistent fighter attacks suddenly ceased. I then noticed the reflection of what appeared to be circular type objects all around the bomber formation. There were absolutely no German fighters that ordinarily seemed to swarm around and through the formations with their deadly 20mm cannons. Where were they? It was as if the 384th Bomb Group was flying in a vacuum.

Later I learned the pilots and several crews in the nose and top turret reported a cluster of discs in their flight path and apparently closing on the bombers. The discs in clusters to more silver colored. They were easily seen by the B-17 crewmembers, gliding down slowly in a uniform cluster. One fortress closed rapidly with a cluster of these discs, however the pilot was unsuccessful in trying to evade the discs. He reported at debriefing that although his right wing went through the cluster there was absolutely no effect on the engines or the plane surfaces. The pilot further stated that one of the discs was heard to strike that tail assembly. None of the crew heard or witnessed any explosion as a result. About 20 ft. from the discs the crewmembers sighted a mass of black debris of varying sizes also in clusters of about four feet. Other aircraft were observed flying through the discs with no apparent damage. Other discs were sighted but they were unable to determine where they had originated," concluded Hoffman. Snip. Thanks to The Franklin Press and Cal Cotrell


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