Letters on prophecies received on prophecies done to date.

Letters received by email.

It is a rare event to witness a series of prophecies made so succinctly and then accurately coming true.

Especially the landslide Labour victory in our recent general election (UK), which is certainly a great relief for all thinking/feeling Human beings. Even though New Labour were ahead in the polls, we in the U.K. are well aware of the changeability of the British electorate. Well done on an accurate and confident prediction.

Also, the natural death of Dennis Compton, the unamed "famous Cricketer" I would describe that as an incredible prediction which can only silence the sceptics.

Stock market crash in August sounds interesting. Hope you have sold you're shares!!

Regards Julian

Email message from Cody: You should update your site more often. The predictions about the Middle East, El Nino stuff, and famous figures passing away has come true already.


Well done about mexico and the snow. Can you give some more prophecies.

Regards. Luke

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