Fires in LA are extreme this year more than ever.

Earthquake on west coast of USA as well as in south America.

Winter blizzards around great lakes and New York affected. Worse than normal.

Also severe cold snap across Europe and England in late jan/feb.

Ferry disaster in north sea.

Worlds climate will become a major issue this year.

Australian drought will worsen.

Disaster in India middle of the year.

Snow in Mexico again.

Stock market will slump seriously in the middle of the year.

Terrorist activity will increase this year and Australia is on the map. This will be only a minor incident.

A Zarlen notice regarding Iran..update 31st jan 2006..

Nuclear directives are in place and should be halted. IAEA notice facilities are already producing material and also have long range missiles.

Not to be trusted.. ulterior motife.

Also Bush not to be trusted!

This is the beginning of the end of days! And the start of chaos!

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