Zarlen Prophecies for this year!


There will be problems with Iraq and the ensuing war. America will suffer more than most!

China will also become a problem later.

Taiwan is in the news.

Stock markets will not do well through 2003.

Winter storms will carry through later than normal and will affect further south than normal in Latter part of the season.

Storms are seen in May that will be a problem in Europe and USA.

There will be an oceanic disaster in the north!

The days and months ahead are dark and firery. Flames are seen.

There will be something new discovered in space that will grab the worlds attention!

A number of famous people will pass away this year and one is a prominant sports identity in USA.

Also a British Actor and Actress (Dame).

Most countries in the Southern regions will not do well through 2003.

More terror strikes in USA, Britain and Australia. Smaller ones in Europe. But this will die down later in the year.

Iraq has hidden base in mountains!

Also major terrorist is in area of arid valley. near an oasis! There is a tall mountain peak looks like a crows beak.

To US & other troops who are crossing desert to south moving north be aware of hidden traps and dangers in desert. Would be wise to use heat signature imaging from the air at night beforehand.

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