Prophecies for 1999

Ozone hole over the southern Hemisphere will be bigger than was previously estimated.

Pollution will continue to worsen as control measures are not implemented.

Severe winter storms through January and feb across much of the nothern parts of the USA with severe ice storm forcast for late jan.(occured)

More conflict with Iraq which has signs of deppening the conflict and it spreads.(occuring)

More conflict in old Yugoslavia province. (Occurred)

The Euro will not perfom as well as expected to begin with but will improve as the year progresses. (Occurred)

Stock market crashes in new york are shown for May (Jumpy Month) June(Another Jumpy Month) and August.

Weather patterns and storms will worsen as the year progresses with record damage being done from Hurricanes in the next season for the USA.

A terrorist bombing in the USA is indicated for Washingtom area (City) around June.

The USA president will be censured and a compromise will be evident. (Nearly made this one!)

Tidal wave for japan in the middle of the year.(occurred)

Middle east problems will increase as Israel and palestinian conflict intensifies. Israel Prime Minister will not win the next election due to radical action.(Occurred)

Japan major bank collapse is indicated for the early part of 1999 in the first 3 months it will begin to show. This will deepen the asia crisis.

Balkan crisis re Kosovo will have an unexpected ending! (Occurred)

Queen Mother will be ill in the middle of the year.

Numerous famous figures will pass away in 1999. Some very unexpected ones!A well known singer! British! is one. (March (Dusty Springfield!)(Ernie Wise!), June, July.) Also a well known famous New Zealand figure will pass away!

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