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Prophecies for 1997

Predictions made late 96 for 1997.

A famous cricket player in England will pass on early this year from natural causes. (occurred)

Winter will be severe over the 1996/97 period with severe periods over Dec, Jan, Feb. (occurred)

Crop circle patterns will be interesting this year with many complex patterns especially in June. (Occurred.)

Watch the stock market later this year August is the month. A strong decline is indicated. (occurred.)

The hand over in Hong Kong will not be as smooth as many think its what happens afterwards that matters.(No report collected!)

Weather patterns in the pacific indicate an active year for typhoons. Japan look out in June. (occurred.)

Hurricanes in atlantic will arrive late in the season of 1997 (came late in pacific) and 1998 as the seasons change!(occurring)

There will be some interesting UFO sightings around the world in September! (No report collected.)

Snow will fall in mexico this winter 1996. (occurred)

Northern Australia is affected by two cyclones in the season.

Dec is indicated.(occurred early January)97)


Winter in the Northern USA will be very severe with numerous blizzards indicated for Dec/Jan (occurred)and again in early to mid Feb (occurred) and mid March.(Occurred)The cold snap will reach as far south as the florida everglades and the gulf region with snow extending down to those regions also.(Gulf region around the Mississippi has seen snow already! Dec )

Mexico will see snow again. Early next year also. (Snow occurred in Guadelahara on 11/12 dec 97. Last time they had snow was in 1881.)


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